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Grounding Control Device EKX-4
During loading and unloading of tank trucks, silo trucks, railway wagons or tank containers with inflammable liquids or solids, an explosive gas and dust atmosphere may arise – a single spark can be sufficient to initiate an explosion. To prevent this, the occurring electrostatic charges must be discharged safely.
EKX-4 ensures static electricity is discharged to the ground by a grounding cable and continuously monitors the grounding quality. Only if the connected object is detected and grounded properly, the electronic control outputs will switch and filling release will be signaled by green, widely visible LEDs. If there is an interruption of the grounding connection, this will be shown by red LEDs, the filling process will be interrupted immediately.
EKX-4 is mounted stationary on system side of the filling gantry. It is used in gas and dust hazardous areas of zone 1 and 21 - mainly in the petrochemical and chemical industry. Further areas of application are the food and feed industry, when handling potentially explosive bulk materials and in the aviation industry.
  • Prevents manipulation due to object recognition (by measuring the impedance)
  • Automatic diagnosis system continuously self-monitors all safety-related functions
  • Simple device configuration (e.g. “road tank truck“, “railway tank wagon“)
  • Possibility to connect longer cables (up to 30 m) due to cable compensation
  • Opening the housing under voltage is permissible - thanks to intelligent explosion protection (IEPC)
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