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Hydraulic oil cooler

Weight and space are important issues in the truck industry. These advantages earn money for all users of such trucks as they must carry less unladen weight. The fuel consumption and fuel costs are reduced and the payload can be increased. There will be extra room for other useful equipment such as a larger fuel tank and/or a tool cabinet.
HYMAX15 only requires 238mm mounting width. 15 kW cooling capacity,
11 litres oil tank volume and 350 bar (g) pressure is possible.
Compare these unique data.

Technical data

Max. pressure:    350 bar (g)
Oil flow:    80-140 litres (min.)
Weight:    46kg
Width:    238mm

Safety is our first priority. Therefore, various options are offered:
Integrated: Thermosensor Optional: Solenoid valve
  Oil temperature indicator   Indicator
  Level indicator   Suction nozzle
  Return oil filter