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Twinact valves

Pressure-vacuum safety valves - Twinact
  • Designed in cooperation with leading tank builders to meet the strict requirements on modern tank trucks, railway tanks, ISO containers and fixed/stationary containers. The two standard dimensions are 1½” and 2½”.
  • Normally delivered with outside pipe thread but also available with international milk flanges.
  • Can be delivered in various materials and constructions.
  • Large number of standard settings for pressure and vacuum. If we do not just have exactly what you need, it can be procured at an extra fee.
  • For optimum seal effeciency in the entire service lifetime, the valves have been designed with non-metallic seals of a corrosion resistant material (e.g. PTFE, Teflon, Viton ’A’ rubber or ”Fortyt” seal)
  • Thanks to the two-valves-in-one design, there is no longer any need for two separate valves – one for pressure and one for vacuum.
  • All valves are checked for both pressure and vacuum, stamped with the setting, and then closed and sealed.
  • Diagrams showing the venting capacity are available upon request.
  • Flame protection to be mounted at the venting channels can be delivered.
In the standard version, the valves are made of stainless steel type 316, and the seal either PTFE or Fortyt.