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API coupling for bottom loading of tank truck

Fort Vale

4” API coupling – 4” TTMA inside flange.  Outside connection fits API RP 1004.
Extra options: 4” TTMA x 3” TTMA inside adaptation flange.
  • Four locking fingers guide the coupling safely into position.
    The locking fingers have been shaped to fit the contour of the counterpart on the tank truck and thus ensure a wider contact surface.
  • The coupling will not open unless it has been placed correctly on its counterpart and it cannot be uncoupled unless it has been closed completely.
Hard anodized aluminium, nitrated steel and stainless steel. Adapted with Viton seal.

Weight:                            10 kg
Nominal pressure:                   10 bar (145.0 PSI)
Test pressure:                         15 bar (217.6 PSI)
Design temperature:          100°C
Temperature range:          -30°C to 100°C
Max. surge pressure:               20 bar (290.0 PSI)
Item no.:                94-2500